We have been operating our grazing using Holistic Planned Grazing for about 4 years now and had rotationally grazed before that. 

We have found Holistic Management to be a great tool for setting the direction of the farm and making sure that our decisions are not running counter to our lifestyle goals or those of our immediate family. Setting goals that ensure that our decisions are tested against social, financial and environmental criteria, ensures that the future of the farm is not only sustainable but that the profitability, fertility and wildlife resources improve every year.

We use Holistic Planned Grazing to make the most of diverse native pastures and have restored many acres of native species-rich pastures. The livestock thrive on the pasture diversity that provides all their needs and allows us to fatten all stock from grass and natural herbs alone.


​The home farm is 50 acres of traditional Worcestershire countryside. The land is all pasture with some old traditional orchards.

We have a farm tenancy with the National Trust on 180 acres at Croome Court and a further 190 acres with a local landowner who is committed to ecological agriculture.

We have recently taken on a contract farming agreement of a herd of pedigree Red Poll cattle, including 300 acres which will be converted to a holistically grazed system over the coming years. 

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