Our main operation is pedigree grass-fed organic Aberdeen Angus breeding cattle. Profit per acre is the key measure not production per acre. There is a tipping point when the extra unit of production starts to cost you money – keep production below that point and your business will be more resilient in the long term.

We use Holistic Planned Grazing to manage our livestock for the benefit of the cattle, the environment and the people involved. We breed for fertility, longevity and excellent forage convertors. 

We usually have breeding bulls and females available throughout the year, so get in touch if you would like to discuss available stock. 

We aim to farm in Nature’s image; to keep the environment the way it was meant to be kept.A common theme across all the land we farm is the creation and restoration of native species-rich grassland and making the most of these natural biodiverse pastures and proving that they can be productive and valuable for fattening stock. Using grazing techniques that are based on recreating natural processes allows us to grow fitter cattle for less money while leaving the land in a better state than when we found it. 

Get in touch: rob@phepsonfarm.co.uk